I let the results speak for themselves.

I provide the guidance, while my clients put in the hard work.
If you are willing to make a change, I am here to help guide you there.

Jennifer Zamora, Fitness Trainer in Bakersfield, CA

Meet Jen

 My name is Jennifer Chung and I am a mother of two babies. 
 I graduated from CSUB in 2016 with a BA in Criminal Law with a minor in Sociology,  but quickly learned that it wasn’t the route I wanted to take with my life.
I became a personal trainer summer of 2016 and just couldn’t stop! What started as a temporary summer job became a passion.  I loved what I did, so much that I switched my career path completely.


I truly take pride in the work I provide for my clients & hope to empower women daily.  If I get the opportunity to work with you as a client, my promise to you is to make this lifestyle change as enjoyable as possible
Jennifer Zamora, Fitness Trainer in Bakersfield, CA
Jennifer Zamora, Fitness Trainer

Training Rates

In-Person Challenges

Please contact me directly for programs, schedules, and rates.


Diet Or Fitness Report


Diet & Fitness Report


Diet & Fitness Max

Training Programs

8 Week or 12 Week Online Challenge

Home or Gym-based Program

Are you looking to start up your fitness journey but do not know where to start?

My Online Challenge provides nutritional guidance tailored to your goals and body stats

Program includes:

  • Workout plans with detailed descriptions of how many sets / reps to do for each exercise
  • Cardio program
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Supplement guidance
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Access to my workout guidance page
  • 24/7 support via text

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